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Outdoor Mobile UF/RO system

300L/H Mobile Portable RO system for outdoor window cleaning

Model: YB-ROSP-300LPH-1
Flow rate: 300L/H 
Recovery rate: 15-20%
Inlet TDS: <1000PPM
Water production standard: Higher than the national WHO
Production water TDS: <20ppm
Working pressure: <150psi
Work temperature: 5-45degree
Water source:surface water, groundwater, rain and river water
Application: Outdoor drinking water 

  • Youber Series Hand-Push Portable Ro System, New developed
    Hand-push Small RO System General Introduction
    1. Portable, compact, reliable and easy to use are the basic characteristics of the Youber series of hand-push portable RO machines.The whole machine structure, electrical selection, automatic control, RO system, etc. all can meet the user‘s requirements.
    2. Youber series hand-push portable RO machine adopts international famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, The membrane‘s salt removing rate is very high, with stable performance, safe and reliable.
    3. Youber series hand-push portable RO machine adopts a well-known brand of high-pressure pumps with high and low voltage protection devices to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. 
    4. The water quality of RO machine is much higher than the national standard of drinking water quality (GB5749-85). It can be directly drunk without adding any chemicals. It is sweet and mellow.
    5. Youber series hand-push portable RO machine starts from portable, reliable and quality .After a long period of design and practice combined, our equipment stand out! 

    Youber series Hand-push portable RO system Advantages and Features

    1. One key automatic running automatic flushing, easy to operate.
    2. The equipment adopts professional RO controller with high degree of automation.
    3. Various flow and pressure measuring instruments can monitor the running state of the equipment at any time.
    4. Online conductivity meter, can show the status of production water in real time.
    5. The equipment is equipped with high and low voltage protection, which can prevent the equipment damage caused by various faults.
    6. International famous brand RO membrane, desalination rate up to 99.7%, filtration accuracy up to 0.0001 micron, can remove salt, organic matter, bacteria, microorganisms, etc., effluent can meet the drinking water standards
    7. Multi-stage cartridge filter housing protects RO membrane and prolongs its service life.
    8. High quality stainless steel pump, durable. 
    9. The equipment is equipped with universal wheel, universal wheel is equipped with fixed brake, which makes the movement and fixation of universal wheel greatly convenient, suitable for assembly and use in more environments

    Youber series Hand-push Portable RO system Application range
    1. Can be used for outdoor work purifying water: Like outdoor washing windows, outdoor washing cars etc. 
    It can treat well water, groundwater, river water and lake water to wash windows and cars, make it clearer and brighter, leave no trace, but also to make your windows and cars as shiny as new.
    2. Can be used for outdoor geological exploration and coal mine operation.
    It can be used directly to filter the existing surface water and groundwater into direct drinking water in the case of long-term outdoor operation and shortage of water, which is mellow and sweet.
    3. Can be used for emergency rescue after natural disaster, like typhoon, tsunami, flood and other natural disasters. 
    For emergency rescue in case of water shortage after natural disasters,directly supply drinking water on the spot,convinient and quickly.
    4. Can be used to supply drinking water supplied for community ,schools water supply etc. 

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