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Tubular UF membrane

TUF90/TUF160/TUF200/TUF250 Tubular type UF membrane 10years serivce life

Membrane Size: TUF90, TUF160, TUF200, TUF250
Membrane Material: PVDF+PE
Filtraiton pore size: 0.05micron.
Working mode: Outside-inside.
Working temperature: 0-60degrees. 
Housing material: UPVC.
PH range: 1-14. 
Bacteria removing rate: 99.99%.

  • TUF90-20U tubular UF membrane

    Product structure size and operating principle drawing

    TUF90-20U tubular UF membrane technical parameters 

    Tubular UF Membrane Characteristics

    1. The first product feature: Service life over 10 years
    (1) YOUBER composite tubular membrane module adopts sinter molding by ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder materials, excellent intensity and good impact resistant performance;
    (2) YOUBER composite tubular membrane module is with very high tensile strength, its tensile breaking strength can get up to 200KG or more, and impossible to appear breaking tube in water treatment applications;
    (3) YOUBER composite tubular membrane module is with good flexibility, membrane tube can not break even 360°crooked rotation;
    (4) YOUBER composite tubular membrane module, the outside surface has good rigidity and hardness,  not easy to hurt the separating  layer by hard particles suspended solids;
    (5) YOUBER composite tubular membrane has very excellent anti-frost property, don’t worry about freezing off  the tubular membrane when applied in cold area and still recover performance after thawing out;
    (6) YOUBER composite tubular membrane module, the separation layer and supporting layer are combined fastening with anchor nested structure, there is no layer separating phenomenon under the one hundred thousand continuous shock of the air pressure or water pressure up to 0.6MPa. 

    Introduction of high mechanical strength

    YOUBER original creative anchor nested structure

    YOUBER composite tubular membrane adopts anchor nested structure, keep the separation layer never fall off 

    2. The second Product Feature: High anti-pollution performance and high recovery rate
    (1) The separation layer of the composite tubular membrane: PVDF is with very strong anti-pollution performance, it can adapt to the application area of all kinds of sewage, wastewater treatment and reuse;
    (2) The composite tubular membrane can undertake high strength gas-liquid mixed scrubbing, also can undertake the pulse gas backwashing, has very excellent flux recovery effect;
    (3) The composite tubular membrane can adapt to all kinds of acid (concentration is more than 5% of the strong acid), alkali (concentration is more than 1% of the strong alkali), and oxidant (over 5000ppm) medium environment, it can ensure the excellent chemical cleaning effect, and recover flow rate rapidly.

    3. The third Product Feature:  save cost (save part of traditional pretreatment unit)
    (1) Because of YOUBER composite tubular UF membrane’s high strength, high anti-pollution performance and high recovery rate, there is no need to design traditional sand filter, bag filter, cartridge filter, discal filter, etc pretreatment unit in most of raw water treatment system for YOUBER’s composite tubular UF membrane. It will save a lot of pretreatment unit cost for you. 

    YOUBER composite tubular membraneTypical application process

    The application field of composite tubular membrane

    (1) Gray water reuse

    Function and efficacy of composite tubular membrane:
    Reducing the water turbidity and suspended solids content, reducing COD, BOD, chroma and oil content, in order to achieve the discharge standard; 
    Deep processing wastewater by membrane method, in order to achieve the requirements of water reused for production and cyclic utilization;
    Recycling the useful material in waste water to used in the production.

    Applications segmentation:
    Deal with municipal sewage, cutting wastewater, electrophoretic wastewater, painting wastewater, oilfield reinjection water (including oil wastewater), textile wastewater, paper wastewater, leather wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, emulsion wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, laundry wastewater, domestic sewage, electroplating wastewater, electronic circuit board wastewater, coal mine wastewater, steel wastewater, power plant wastewater, petrochemical wastewater, and other various industrial sewage and wastewater.

    (2) drinking water
    Function and effect of composite tubular membrane

    Function: degerming, turbidity removal, impurity removal, water purification
    1. Remove muddy sand, iron rust, etc suspended solids;
    2. intercept e. coli, giardia, various bacteria and virus;
    3. Remove various microorganism;
    4. Remove humic acid, humic, etc Macromolecular organic matter.

    Applications segmentation
    Municipal drinking water(tap water), mineral water(spring water, mineral water ), purified water(purified water,pure water)dual water supply(direct drinking water)
    Household water purification(water purifier), Rural water supply(rural town treat surface water ,well water for drinking)

    (3) Industrial pure water

    Function and effect of composite tubular membrane
    •Degerming, microorganism removal, colloid removal, Impurities and particles removal;
    •Reduce water  turbidity, SDI,COD,BOD;
    •As the pretreatment of RO, supply good quality feed water, protect RO membrane;
    •Ultrafiltration is used at the after end of finished product water to remove particle and prevent secondary pollution;
    •Remove Macromolecular organic matter.

    Applications segmentation
    •Treatment of process-water, production process water:
    •drinking water, medical water, water used for food, beverage, wine
    •Pure water for various  industrial production, ultrapure water
    •RO pretreatment or after treatment, Ion Exchange or EDI pretreatment or after treatment.

    (4) Special separation
    Function and effect of composite tubular membrane
    •Extract the material needed
    •Recycle the substance needed
    •Keep the flavour of effective components, remove the components which produce turbidity, affect flavour and guarantee period
    •Concentrate the concentration or content ratio or substance needed.

    Applications segmentation
    •Clarification and concentration of gelatin;Vinegar clarification; electrophoretic paint recycling; percolating water reuse;
    •Purification and  of dairy product; purification, concentration and impurity removal of Chinese drugs pharmaceutics;
    •Purification and concentration of juice,  clarification and turbidity removal of White wine, rice wine, red wine, grape wine;
    •Fiber processing solvent recycling; recycle wool fat from fine wool wastewater. 
    •Purification, concentration and separation of various biological products
    •Filtration and clarification of various oil

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