120LPH Solar Portable water filter Portable family Water Filter

700L/D economic marine fresh water generator

1.5T/H island Seawater Desalination System

200L/D portable carrying case desalination equipment

2000L/D ship Small seawater desalination equipment

1400L/D marine Split type desalination equipment

DC version DC24V marine seawater desalination equipment

200L/D trolley case seawater desalination equipment

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is concentrating on membrane technology as the core, and specialized in the outdoor water purification products R&D, production and sales. YOUBER owns the outdoor water purifier production plant and water treatment equipment manufacturing factory, the annual production of various kinds of outdoor water purification products reach to 200000 sets, more than 100 employees. We have our own R&D team, in the past ten years, we are mainly focus on R&D of the membrane technology and the outdoor water purification products, and achieved good results, the most advantaged and well-compliment from customers are our portable outdoor water filter, portable seawater desalination RO machine and other small size integrated mobile type water purification equipment...

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Suitcase Water purification system Paten...


YOUBER Outdoor Camping water filter, sol...

remove bacteria and heavy metal ions for healthy outdoor drinking water


YOUBER makes water filters to solve drin...

YOUBER outdoor water filters, save lives, all over the world, solve drinking water problems

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