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New Developed Suitcase Portable RO/UF machine for outdoor emergency drinking water

YOUBER New Developed Suitcase Portable UF Machine, RO machine, for outdoor emergency drinking water 
Small size, Portable and compact. Length 51cm, width 41CM and height 20CM, Light weight, easy to carry and transport.
Small volume, large flow.
Professional ABS waterproof electric control box, waterproof grade IP45, water and electricity separation, to prevent any risk of leakage.
Applicable to a wide range of power sources, you can choose ordinary AC power AC110-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, DC DC12V-24V, also accept solar charging, etc., to ensure that you can get clean drinking water at any time in various environments.

Suitcase UF machine, its core filtration element is: Hollow Fiber UF membrane, its filtration precision 0.01um, a new technology in the 21st century, it is a membrane separation technology that uses pressure difference to filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, microorganisms, macromolecular organic substances in water, and Keep some mineral elements beneficial to the human body, the bacteria removing rate is up to 99.99%, to ensure safe and healthy water production.

Suitcase RO machine, its core filtration element is: High quality RO membrane, its filtration precision 0.0001 micron (0.1 nanometer), a bacterium to reduce 4000 times, infectious virus to reduce more than 200 times to pass, can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, pesticide residues and other harmful substances in the water, removal rate up to 99%, to ensure the safety and health of water production.

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