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Seawater Desalination Machine

1.5T/H island Seawater Desalination System

Rate of Recovery:25%;

Voltage:380V 50HZ 3P;
Water productionTDS:≤700ppm;

  •     Shenzhen Youber Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of seawater desalination equipment. Our companyspecializes in the production of various types of seawater desalination equipment, mainly to solve the problem of domestic drinking water in ships, islands and coastal areas. The water quality meets the national standard for domestic drinking water quality (GB5749-2006). It can be directly drunk, sweet and mellow. Welcome to call for advice!

    YOUBER  Seawater desalination equipment Advantages and characteristics:
    The device operates automatically with one key, which is simple and convenient to operate;
    Modular design is adopted to facilitate installation and transportation;
    Reverse osmosis technology is adopted, with a filter aperture of 0.0001um and high bacterial removal rate;
    Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption, fast water production, desalination rate of 99.8%;
    Effluent water standard: in line with the national standard for drinking water quality (GB5749-20);

    YOUBER  Seawater desalination equipment Scope of application:
    It can be used for drinking water on ships to solve the drinking water problem of people on board;
    It can be used for drinking water in island resorts to solve the problem of drinking water for holiday travelers;
    It can be used for offshore operation platforms to solve the problem of drinking water for offshore operators;
    It can be used for floating structures on the sea to solve the problem of drinking water for builders;
    Can be used to treat saline alkali lakes and desert groundwater, and solve the drinking water problem of residents in villages around the lake;

    Certificate of Youber sea water desalination equipment and water production test report:

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