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Seawater Desalination Machine

200L/D portable carrying case desalination equipment

Flow rate:8-12L/H
Power:AC220V50Hz,  DC24V. 300W
Power: 300W

Recovery rate: 8-15%
Desalination rate: ≥98%
Inlet TDS:≤35000PPM
Output water quality:≤700PPM
Water production standard:meets drinking water standards.

  •     Shenzhen Youberl Technology Co., Ltd. is a membrane technology as the core, specializing in the research and development of desalination equipment, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Suitcase sea water machine is a new portable desalination and desalination equipment launched by our company. The equipment mainly provides reliable and safe drinking water for outdoor and emergency scenarios. The water quality meets the national standard for drinking water quality (GB5749-2006), which can be directly drinkable.

    Advantages of Youber suitcase desalination equipment:

    Ø Easy to carry
    Suitcase size, open to use any time, safe and reliable! Purify all kinds of sea water, brackish water and unknown water source. Water quality meets WHO drinking water standards, to drink safe and healthy drinking water by YOUBER portable desalination equipment is the first choice!

    ØWide Power Supply
    Only 300W power, a place with lighting power can be connected with electricity to make drinking water!It doesn‘t matter if there is no power. It can be configured to make water by hand. You can also choose. 

    ØSolar Power Optional  
    Solar power to produce fresh water. 
    Powerful function.
    Strong sense of security.

    ØLarge Water Production
    8 to 12 liters of fresh water per hour, enough for dozens of people to drink a day.

    ØAnytime anywhere, no power supply, fresh water purification at any time. Portable small seawater desalination device, let you in a variety of special environment, such as geological exploration, military field, deep sea fishing boats, yachts, transport ships and islands and other regions have fresh water, to provide you with clean and safe drinking water.

    Application scope of Youber portable seawater desalination equipment:

    ØIt can be used for sea travel to meet the drinking water needs of people who go to sea;

    ØIt can be used in emergency disaster relief and can provide clean drinking water for disaster relief;

    ØIt can be used in coastal families to solve the drinking water problem of residents;

    ØIt can be used in ships and fishing boats to solve people‘s drinking water problems;

    Patent certificate and test report of Youber suitcase reverse osmosis water purifier:


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