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Seawater Desalination Machine

DC version DC24V marine seawater desalination equipment

ØFlow rate:700L/D

ØApplication:For Boat Drinking water use
ØFunction:Remove salt and bacteria, virus
ØFeature:Small size, suitable for boat space
ØTechnology:Seawater Desalination RO membrane

  •        Shenzhen Youber Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of seawater desalination equipment.DC seawater desalination equipment produced by our companyThrough reverse osmosis technology, it is able to seawater desalinate  into drinkable water,the equipment mainly reduces the size and weight through a highly integrated design, and improves the applicability of the equipment; is a very good product for yacht, boat drinking water use.

    Advantages and characteristics of Youber DC24V seawater desalination equipment:
    One key automatic operation, simple and convenient operation;
    Small size and light weight, mobile design is convenient for moving and assembling;
    Effluent water standard: in line with the national standard for drinking water quality (GB5749-2006);
    High quality raw water pump is selected, and the high-pressure pump is made of SS316L stainless steel, which is safe, anti-corrosion and durable;
    The power supply is designed as DC power supply, so that it can still operate normally on ships without AC power for water production;

    Application scope of Youber DC24V seawater desalination equipment:

    Available for Seaside villa, seaside villa house drinking water use;

    Available for Island family, island restaurant, island hotel drinking water use; inflatable water islands and island  drinking water purifier;

    Available for Salty alkali lake, rivers in some middle east regions drinking water;

    Available for Desert underground water drinking water use, underground water purifier;

    Available for Marine drinking water use, marine boats, marine ships, army boats, army ships, marine lights boat
    Certificate of Youber sea water desalination equipment and water production test report:

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