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Portable Seawater Desalinator

Suitcase Seawater Desalination Machine For Outdoor drinking water

Flow rate:8-12L/H
Inlet TDS:≤35000PPM
Working Pressure:4-5.5MPa
Output water quality:≤700PPM meets drinking water standards. 
System inlet: 1.0L/Min
Recovery rate: 13-16%
Power:AC220V50Hz,  DC24V. 300W
Main machine weight:18KG. 

  • YOUBER Company Introduction
    Shenzhen Youber technology Co., LTD is concentrating on membrane technology as the core, and specialized in the outdoor water purification products R&D, production and sales.
    YOUBER owns the outdoor water purifier production factory, and also owns R&D team, in the past ten years, we are mainly focus on R&D of the membrane technology and the outdoor water purification products, and get multiterm patents, the most advantaged and well-compliment from customers are our portable outdoor water filter, portable seawater desalination RO machine and other small size integrated water purification equipment. These products are mainly to solve the drinking water and domestic water problem in the outdoor or the municipal water shortage areas. Our customers come from all over the world, and mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, including several well-known enterprises in water purification industry. At least 50 million people in the world today are using YOUBER’s manufacturing outdoor water purification products.Health clean water is one of the necessary conditions of human survival depends on, and in today‘s global development of industrialization, the world less and less available water resources, environmental pollution is more and more serious, Shenzhen Youber Technology CO., LTD aims to improve the global water as own duty, With science and technology innovation, the good faith management as the core competitiveness, Open our eyes to the whole world, YOUBER hopes to cooperate with the like-minded friends from all over the world, to contribute to the water environment of the human.  

    Suitcase Portable Seawater Desalination RO Machine photos

    Suitcase Portable Seawater Desalination RO Machine Advantages:

    1. Easy to carry
    Suitcase size, open to use any time, safe and reliable! Purify all kinds of sea water, brackish water and unknown water source. Water quality meets WHO drinking water standards, to drink safe and healthy drinking water by YOUBER portable desalination equipment is the first choice!

    2. Wide Power Supply
    Only 300W power, a place with lighting power can be connected with electricity to make drinking water!It doesn‘t matter if there is no power. It can be configured to make water by hand. You can also choose. 

    3. Solar Power Optional  
    Solar power to produce fresh water. 
    Powerful function.
    Strong sense of security.

    4. Large Water Production 
    8 to 12 liters of fresh water per hour, enough for dozens of people to drink a day.

    Anytime anywhere, no power supply, fresh water purification at any time. Portable small seawater desalination device, let you in a variety of special environment, such as geological exploration, military field, deep sea fishing boats, yachts, transport ships and islands and other regions have fresh water, to provide you with clean and safe drinking water.

    YOUBER Company Culture

    YOUBER Company Product Positioning: Outdoor water purification device 

    YOUBER Company Positioning: Professional manufacturer for outdoor water purification device 
    YOUBER Company Mission: To make safe drinking water available to everyone in the world anywhere
    YOUBER Company Core Values: helping others is to achieve ourselves
    YOUBER Company Vision: To become the world‘s first brand of outdoor water purification

    The definition of YOUBER’s "outdoor water purification":
    Although entering the 21st century, there are still many people in the world who do not have safe drinking water.
    The number of people who die every year without safe drinking water is about millions! YOUBER is committed to solving the problem of safe 
    drinking water for people in areas where clean drinking water is not available. Therefore, we claim the corresponding water purification solution 
    for those who cannot easily obtain safe drinking water is called “outdoor water purification”. These include: seawater desalination solutions, 
    solar water purification solutions, gravity water purification solutions, manual water purification programs, etc., covering areas such as poor 
    areas, poor sanitation, islands, offshore operations, drilling platform, desert, Gobi, traditional outdoor operators (outdoor exploration, outdoor 
    construction), outdoor sports enthusiasts, and emergency rescue water purification equipment.

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