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Solar Power RO/UF machine

1.5 generation Solar energy Suitcase RO Water Purifier

Model: YB-ROS25-1.5
Rated water production: 25L/Hr
Power: ≤60W
Input power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, DC12V-16V
Output power (USB): DC5V 1A, DC5V 2A
Inlet TDS:<3000ppm
Product TDS: <100ppm
Working pressure: <0.6Mpa
Max working pressure: <0.9Mpa
Inlet turbidity: <15NTU  (short time operation<50NTU)
Inlet PH: 6-8
Solar panel:100W
Service time after full charged: 6Hr
Waterproof Rate: IP55

  • YOUBER Suitcase Portable UF/RO System OEM/ODM Provided

    1. Product Brief Introduction

        Suitcase RO machine is the latest portable water purification equipment launched by our company. On the basis of the first generation equipment, a fully enclosed panel is added to make the whole machine look neater and more beautiful. The equipment mainly provides reliable and safe drinking water for outdoor and emergency scenarios. Through the integrated design, the size and weight of the suitcase RO machine are greatly reduced, and the mobility of the equipment is improved.
        Using reverse osmosis technology, substances larger than 0.0001 micron can be retained, and almost all impurities such as inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matter and colloids can be completely removed, and only water molecules are allowed to pass through. At the same time, taking into account the different occasions and environments of use, the system adopts a variety of power supply designs, which can use 100V-240V AC, 12V-18V DC, or use the solar panel equipped with the system for charging. The USB port can provide power for electric lights, mobile phones, satellite phones, walkie-talkies and other devices.

    YOUBER Series Suitcase Portable RO System Application Range

    1. Outdoor drinking
    When camping, long-distance travel and other outdoor activities, the solar powered suitcase RO machine can be a good solution to people‘s demand for drinking water

    2.Emergency relief
    In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and typhoons, the Suitcase RO can be used as an initial emergency equipment to provide potable clean water

    3.Outdoor Adventures
    In the field exploration, cave exploration, the suitcase RO machine has a good adaptability

    4.Areas without water or electricity
    In some backward areas without electricity or running water, the suitcase RO machine can provide clean drinking water for daily life

    YOUBER Series Solar energy Suitcase Portable RO purifier Advantages and Features:

    High Integration: Small size, light weight, easy to carry and transport.
    Wide applicability of power supply: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, DC12V-24V, also accept solar charging, You also can use the device‘s own battery to provide power when there is no power supply or sunlight.
    Stable performance:High quality electric water pump, low noise and vibration, long life and stable operation.
    Advanced technology: 5 stages filtration: mesh filter+PP+CTO+RO+UV,The produced water quality has passed SGS inspectio, Can effectively remove suspended solids, colloid, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and inorganic ions in raw water and other impurities.
    Easy operation and maintenance: It is not affected by the environment and can be used quickly through simple installation. Installion≤3min/person, clean up≤5min/person

    Service life or replacement cycle of main parts:


    Service life


    Water pump

    Warranty 18 months

    PP filter

    15-45 days

    Depended on raw water quality and usage frequency

    Active carbon filter

    30-60 days

    Depended on raw water quality and usage frequency

    RO membrane

    6-12 months

    Depended on raw water quality and usage frequency


    about charge and discharge 1000 times

    Solar panel

    5-10 years

    Other colors:


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