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Emergency Water Purifier

120LPH Solar Portable water filter Portable family Water Filter

Product name: Solar Emergency UF system
Flow rate: 120L/H Power: ≤90W
Weight (KG): 12KG Working temperature: 5-45℃
Working pressure: ≤3bar
Inlet water turbidity: <15NTU

  • YOUBER Suitcase Solar UF filter
    - Small size, light weight to carry anywhere;
    - Large flow rate, at least 120L/H, other flow rate also can provide;
    - Suitable for different voltage, DC12V, AC110-240V.
    - Solar system available;
    - For outdoor emergency drinking water and remote areas home drinking water;
    - Easy to work, less maintain.

    Photos for solar UF water filter:

    YOUBER Solar UF filter:
    Bacteria removing rate: 99.99%
    Small size, light weight(12kg)
    Easy to carry.
    Work with solar system for outdoor emergency drinking water use.
    Easy to work.

    Application place:
    Solar power water purifier
    For low income families and communities drinking water use;
    Used for villages without clean safe drinking water, to solve daily drinking water;

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